Minimum pension will have to wait due to its complexity, says Trenchevska


Efforts are also being made regarding the decision on the minimum pension, but due to its complexity, it is unlikely to be finalized by the end of this month, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska, and announced Tuesday that the exact details of who will be included and the amount of monthly support will be determined.

“Discussions are ongoing regarding the measures that the working group should propose. They have, in fact, already submitted their proposals to the government for our endorsement, particularly in support of pensioners with low pensions. We are also actively working on a comprehensive solution, including a draft law and proposed provisions for determining the minimum pension. However, I don’t anticipate that a decision will be reached very quickly, that is, by the end of this month, because, after all, it is a complex issue that regulates the minimum pension. The working group will continue, and we expect the measures for all vulnerable groups of people to be adopted by the Government by the end of this week,” said Trenchevska, and added that by the end of the week, the Government is expected to unveil measures for all vulnerable groups of people.

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