He likes Hamas, worships Enver Hoxha, violates the Rules of Procedure, and is silent about the Oncology scandal and the French proposal – Apasiev is a coalition partner to SDS and DUI


The coalition sparring partner of SDS and DUI, Levica and its leader Dimitar Apasiev who likes Hamas, worships Enver Hoxha, violatse the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, but stays silent about the Oncology scandal and the French proposal, as well as about DUI’s gambling laws, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.

Levica’s theatrical performance in the Parliament is an arranged scenario between DUI and SDS, to stimulate conflicts from which DUI and Levica would gain relevance. And the chaos in the City of Skopje and the institutions whose directors from the ranks of Levica are actively participating in Arsovska’s madness is the best testimony to what it looks like when Levica leads institutions. As a small example, the fact that the director from Levica of the Cultural Information Center did not use the equipment from the Universal Hall, but rented equipment from a private company from Mala Rechica. Agreements with Mala Rechica are a priority for Levica. On the other hand, Apasiev is ready to blow himself up because there is cold weather in November, but he still stays silent about Bechtel-Enka, Enver Hoxha’s fans from Levica are silent about the demands of the trade unions and the DUI laws on games of chance,” added the largest opposition party.


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