Spasenovski on Shapka’s cross: It’s natural to have religious symbols in the courtyards of religious temples, the political benefit of provoking inter-religious tensions does harm


In connection with the political controversy about the placing of the cross in the circle of the monastery “St. Naum” at Popova Shapka, the reasons should be sought in the answer to the question of who benefits from such an attempt to ignite inter-religious tensions, pointed out Professor Aleksandar Spasenovski in an interview with TV Sitel News.

“The least we need is a flare-up of religious intolerance, and the reasons can be found in some parties that want to achieve short-term benefits, but other external hybrid influences that do not suit a stable Macedonia should not be excluded,” says Spasenovski .

According to Professor Spasenovski, this religious symbolism of Popova Shapka has not changed for decades, that is, it is natural to have religious symbols in the courtyards of religious buildings and that the vigilance of religious communities, as well as citizens who did not rush with wrong qualifications, should be emphasized.


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