Government has failed to build anything in terms of infrastructure in 7 years, nor does it have an assessment of which road direction is a priority


 The authorities are trying to build and they have failed for seven years. Faced with their failure, they say, now we will work with Bechtel-Enka. Otherwise, according to the highway construction contract, the company means that they can do everything themselves. It’s like taking a handyman home and he tells you what to do, he tells you if it’s good or not and charges you whatever he wants. It is simply stated what will happen to Bechtel-Enka and about 2 billion euros will go there. My assessment is that they will go up to three, said VMRO-DPMNE Committee for Infrastructure, Urbanism and Transport president SinishaIvanovski, at a debate called”It is important that Macedonia has modern infrastructure”, as part of the “It is important! Changes depend on you!” campaign.

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