Shukova: After the Tetovo factory fire, there will be air, soil and water pollution


The automatic monitoring system of the state measures non-branch volatile materials and does not measure organic volatile substances, pointed out the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, KajaShukova, who on Thursdayreplied as to why no measurement was carried out after the fire at a warehouse with paints and varnishes in the village of Falishe in Tetovo of air pollution.

“It is a warehouse with paints and varnishes and these are organic substances. The state’s automatic monitoring measures inorganic volatiles. In this case, there is no accredited method in the country that measures the evaporation of organic pollutants. We consulted all the laboratories, but they cannot go out in the field because they do not have an accredited method, but CMC, PHI and the State Environmental Inspectorate went out in the field,” said the Minister of the Environment KajaShukova about yesterday’s fire in the village of Falishe near Tetovo.

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