Thessaloniki-Skopje oil pipeline to reopen after a decade of inactivity


After a decade of inactivity there is an opportunity to reopen the Thessaloniki-Skopje oil pipeline, as the competent regulatory authority in North Macedonia has given a green light and issued a permit, HELLENiQ ENERGY Managing Director Andreas Shiamishis said in an interview with Greek daily Kathimerini.
Shiamishis says this is an “important positive development” and that years of efforts and discussions “have finally yielded results.”
“However, there is still work to be done for the oil pipeline to start commercial operations. There are significant open issues, which I believe both sides will solve through good will. We will continue to work on this issue because HELLENiQ ENERGY has a strategic position on this market, including a long-term plan. Let me remind you, we have been in North Macedonia for over 20 years,” notes Shamishis.
According to him, the oil pipeline can transport 2.5 million tons of petroleum and petroleum products (diesel, kerosene and gasoline) annually.

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