The missing baby report was false, says MoI


After the media reported that a baby had disappeared from the Skopje clinics, the Ministry of Interior reported that in coordination with the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office, it cleared up the case and it was determined that it was a false report by the 23-year-old Skopje woman, who has already been detained.
The woman lied to her unmarried husband that she gave birth to a boy in July of this year at the Gynecology clinic. She said that the child was kept at the Clinic, and she visited him alone on several occasions. After he asked to see the baby, she lied to him that it was at the Children’s Clinic. They went there, but were told that such a baby was not accepted and brought to the Clinic for treatment. Then they also went to the Gynecology clinic, from where after the checks they were told that the suspect was neither admitted nor delivered a baby at that clinic.

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