News portal factory in the Ministry of Political System


On the sixth floor of the building of the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations are the offices of the ten news portals of the Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, which are financed with the taxpayers’ money. This is a criminal organization as never seen before, the European Union for Press Change pointed out Saturday in front of the Ministry, pasting posters with the names of the portals.
In this building, as was said at the event, are portals such as,,,,,,,, etc.
“As reported by Radio Free Europe and Prisma media, Artan Grubi registered these portals in the name of Iljiriana Bajrami, who is the wife of Perparim Bajrami, the head of the office of the director of the State Lottery. He is Grubi’s closest person.
According to the European Union for Change, this is proof that the crime and corruption of Grubi and Ahmeti have turned into a cancer of society.

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