Due to Arsovska’s stubbornness, JSP will now also pay interest on the debt to private bus drivers


The Basic Court of Skopje on Tuesday made a decision that JSP should pay interest to the “Sloboda Prevoz” private bus drivers’ company for the debt of MKD 61,812,596.
There is no way for the public transport company to end the financial calvary with the private bus drivers, without which the city transport cannot function, no matter how much the Skopje mayor Danela Arsovska denies it. In fact, she also denied the million-dollar debt to private bus companies, so that in the end it turned out that the JSP really owed them that money.
After long turmoil, public fights, arrogance, protests, chaos in the city traffic, the debt has still been paid, but what remains unproven is: what about the penal interest for the debt that was part of the “Sloboda Prevoz” lawsuit?
Probably and expectedly, the Basic Court of Skopje yesterday made a decision that the JSP should pay “Sloboda Prevoz” interest for the debt of MKD 61,812,596 (for the period from September 15, 2022 to May 18, 2023). So, in addition to the fact that the city treasury paid off the million dollar debt, in an improper process of public fights, now the City will have to pay interest, instead of denying that there is a debt and paying what it owes before the private bus drivers file a lawsuit.

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