Tomovski: The Government’s set of measures is a bribe before elections, millions of euros for tenders for the government’s pockets, and a thousand denars for the people


The set of measures prepared by the Government led by Kovachevski and Ahmeti is nothing but a set for cheap pre-election bribery that comes just a few months before the double parliamentary and presidential elections. This set of measures is not for systemic assistance to the most vulnerable categories of citizens, but for obvious cheap bribery of votes.
With this set of measures, systemic measures that will significantly improve the position of pensioners, the socially endangered and families with low incomes are not implemented, but a one-time bribery of votes is carried out, with money that this Government owes all citizens. They increased the debt to bribe votes, noted Ivica Tomovski, a member of the VMRO-DPMNE Central Committee.
With this sete of measures, the Government officially recognizes that there is enormous poverty, that pensioners and a large number of families are brought to the brink of existence. The essence and the main point is that the Government spends 2 billion euros for the construction of corridors through the companies owned by DUI and SDS, spends heavy millions of euros for digging in TPP Bitola and the companies and businesses of the government are doing great, and here, they give 500 and 1,000 denars as aid for the people.
Millions for tenders and filling the government’s pockets, and 1000 and 500 denars for the people. At the end of the year, there will be about 600,000 people living in poverty in the country, which is one person out of three, 80,000 citizens survive on just 60 denars a day, and 600,000 citizens on 150 denars,” added Tomovski.

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