Miteva: Measures for election bribery and humiliation of the people, €1200 higher salaries for the prime minister and the president, and MKD 1000 for the citizens


Up to 78 percent increase in officials’ salaries, which is much more than MKD 1000 that the Government led by SDS and Kovachevski will give to pensioners and students in just a few months. It is a real electoral bribe that humiliates the citizens. Costs for the people, increased salaries for government officials, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva told a press briefing on Thursday.

“While the government uses the state budget for bribery, according to the data of the official institutions and the decision of the Constitutional Court with a coefficient of 4.5 multiplied by last year’s gross salary which was MKD 47,000, Prime Minister Kovachevski, who until March received a salary of MKD 88,260, the past 9 months receives a salary of MKD 156,000, or a raise of 67,740 Mk denars. MKD 67 thousand higher salary for Kovachevski, and MKD 1000 for the people as an election bribe,” said Miteva.

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