Chulev after Kovachevski’s rejected lawsuit: Even the judiciary under the control of SDS and DUI fails to completely hide the crime committed by government officials


Even the judiciary, which is completely under the control of SDSM and DUI, fails to completely hide the crime committed by the high officials of the government. The lawsuit filed by Vasko Kovachevski, in which he claimed that I had committed “slander” against him, was rejected, said Nakje Chulev on Saturday.

“To the satisfaction of Lady Justice, the Skopje Appellate Court confirmed the initial judgment of the Skopje Basic Court, which rejected the lawsuit filed against me by the former director of TPP Bitola and ESM Vasko Kovachevski for alleged civil liability for defamation. Not even the judiciary, which is controlled and works completely under the dictates of the ruling parties, can hide the crimes committed by SDSM and DUI officials. Criminal charges have already been filed for some of the illegal activities, which will be processed accordingly soon after VMRO DPMNE comes to power,” stressed Chulev and added:

“In this case, we are talking about a criminal complaint for a press conference that I held in Bitola when I emphasized, and today I remind the public, that the former director of TPP Bitola, Vasko Kovachevski, exerted pressure, i.e. extortion, on a company that won a tender in the state TPP Bitola, to cede part of the contract to another company that is close to SDSM, and which did not have the capacity or technical means to perform the work. At the same time, the former director demanded a bribe of 250,000 euros and a threat that if the bribe was not given and a part of the contract was ceded, the company would face obstacles in not being able to implement the contract.”

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