Workers demand higher wages – ministers and managers cannot always be above the worker, says KSS


The Confederation of Trade Unions (KSS) members staged a protest on Saturday in front of the government’s building, referring to the authorities’ failure to address the demands of the unions that have been protesting throughout the year.

The chairperson of Confederation of Trade Unions, Marjan Risteski, stated to the media in front of the government’s building that he urges political parties participating in the upcoming elections to incorporate the union’s demands into their political agendas. He emphasized that the future government must address the needs of workers, enabling them to live a normal life.

“All laws in the country can be amended, except the law through which officials increased their salaries by 78 percent. Today, symbolically, we declare that we are demanding not 78 percent but 79 percent, with the sole purpose of sending a message that workers and citizens are much more resilient than the government. Ministers and officials cannot always be above the workers,” Risteski said.

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