Government is breaking records in stealing, its favorite company Markovski will earn 63 thousand euros a day from only 10 bulldozers from TPP Bitola, says Nikoloski


While this government is creating measures for bribery with which it underestimates the people by 500 or 1000 denars, the public must know that the millions flow into private pockets from state tenders, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski at a press briefing on Sunday.

“The outgoing SDS and DUI government was beaten by stealing in the last days of power and normally the place for stealing and the “golden hen” for stealing is TPP Bitola and Electric Power Plants of Macedonia with the government’s favorite company Markovski Company from Bitola which gets all possible tenders in TPP Bitola. Today I will present a striking case of how the government’s counter is spinning while the people are impoverished. I am presenting to you a contract which is essentially a framework agreement for the hiring of 10 bulldozers from Markovski Company who are to be hired in TPP Bitola for a period of 18 months at an incredible 16,253 Macedonian denars per hour. I repeat 16,253 denars per hour, or the total value of this framework agreement is 9 million and 200 thousand euros, which Markovski Company should receive for hiring only 10 bulldozers and crawlers within the TPP Bitola. This contract that I am presenting and which I said costs an incredible 16,253 denars per hour, means that Markovski Company will charge 6,300 euros from TPP Bitola for just one day, or 63,000 euros for all 10 bulldozers,” said Nikoloski.

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