Narcotics worth EUR 120,000 seized – international transport channel cut in Macedonia


Police inspectors for preventing illegal drug trafficking and special forces from the Special Antiterrorist Unit Tiger thwarted on Sunday an international drug transport from Albania into our country.

The narcotics were seized at the entrance to Gostivar, and individuals from Gorna Matka and Grchec were arrested.

Two Mercedes passenger vehicles with Skopje license plates were stopped at the scene. The first, in which there were K.L. (35) from Skopje, residing in Gorna Matka, V.B. (46) from Skopje, residing in Gorna Matka and the Albanian citizen G.J. (42), was the predecessor. And in the second one, which was managed by M.A. (44) from the village of Grcece, the drugs were transported.


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