Customs officers prevent attempt to smuggle 50 tons of diesel fuel declared as base oil


Customs officers at the Kjafasan border crossing prevented an attempt to smuggle 50 tons of diesel fuel declared as base oil, which was transported in two cargo motor vehicles – tankers. Criminal charges have been filed against the perpetrators to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

At the entrance to the country at the Kjafasan border crossing, two cargo vehicles with tankers arrived that registered for transit. The sender of the goods is a company from Albania, and the recipient is a company from Macedonia. Due to doubts about the submitted documentation and the type of declared goods, the cargo motor vehicles were detained for further control. Samples were also taken for laboratory testing, the Customs Administration announced.

From the results obtained from the laboratory analysis, as well as from the export documents obtained in cooperation with the Albanian customs administration, it was established that in the two cargo motor vehicles – tanks, instead of the declared base oil, there is diesel fuel for which the import duties in Macedonia are higher, that is that an attempt was made to avoid duties in a larger amount when importing excise goods.

The value of the total amount of diesel fuel in the two tanks is MKD 3,121,626, for which the customs duties amount to MKD 1,745,327.

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