Trenchevska urges citizens to remain calm: Children are safe, we should avoid creating panic


Children are safe, we should avoid creating panic. The murder of Vanja Gjorchevska is an isolated case, said Macedonian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska on Tuesday.

“Minister Spasovski and the Prosecutor also said yesterday that this is an isolated case. We should not create panic among the citizens that our children aren’t safe. The children are safe, however, that’s precisely what we spoke about at the panel too, that the new age brings new challenges. The development of IT, social media, instead of improving how much the citizens are informed, has created new problems concerning the mental health of the majority of people as a result of fake news, hate speech. So, as institutions, we have to adapt to this new age. Also, as a Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, I want to assure parents that the children are safe, the schools are safe, the preschool institutions are safe. The institutions are here to work towards even greater safety of the families and every citizen in the country,” said Trenchevska in answer to a journalist’s question after participating in the OSCE roundtable discussion “Prevent, Respond, Protect: Strengthening the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence in North Macedonia”.

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