Aerodrom to become the first smart municipality in Macedonia, a strategic partner to be chosen


The Municipality of Aerodrom in Skopje announced the call for the selection of a strategic partner through a public-private partnership that should implement the “Smart Aerodrom” project. The project represents a comprehensive effort to seamlessly integrate advanced technologies in the municipality, in the direction of improving the various aspects of daily living. The costs for the implementation of the project will be fully borne by the private company, and the Aerodrom Municipality will not have any financial implications for it, and it will save electricity, thus also saving money, said the Aerodrom municipality in a press release on Thursday.

Smart lamps should solve the problem of lighting and affect the saving of electricity for electric scooters and bicycles, which will increase the mobility of citizens and thus reduce pollution. These are just some of the benefits for the residents of Aerodrom that the “Smart Aerodrom” project foresees.

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