Attorney Stojkov still being questioned by police, criminal charges to be filed against person that drove Palcho to Turkey


Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski said Thursday that law attorney Vasko Stojkov, who drove Ljupcho Palevski-Palcho, the prime suspect in the murder of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski, to Belgrade, is still being questioned by the police.

“The lawyer is still being questioned by the police within the 24-hour detention. The services will decide the next steps after the 24-hour period,” Spasovski said during a visit to Ohrid.

As regards the person who drove Palevski to Turkey and who was detained upon entering the country at a border crossing near Dojran, Spasovski said criminal charges will be filed.

“According to what has been confirmed, the services have informed me that criminal charges will be filed,” Spasovski told reporters in Ohrid.

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