VIDEO| Kovachki: The vehicle with which Vanja was kidnapped was on the streets of Skopje for 3 days, Spasovski should answer why it was not detected by Safe City


The vehicle in which Vanja Gjorchevska was kidnapped and killed was reported missing to the Ministry of the Interior on November 22nd, and it was already in Skopje on the 24th, said MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Dragan Kovachki in a press briefing on Thursday.

“According to the information known so far, the prime suspect Palevski committed a murder against Panche Zhezhovski from Veles, took his vehicle and walked freely for days, after which he committed another murder and fled the country. Why? Because the Ministry of Interior made a series of omissions with untimely and unprofessional clarification of the case of Zhezhovski’s disappearance. Namely, after reporting Panche’s disappearance, the Ministry of Interior did NOT take concrete and comprehensive operational measures from the very beginning,” Kovachki said.

“The most important thing is whether it is true that the vehicle with which Vanja was kidnapped was on the streets of Skopje, ready to be used for murder, on Friday, that is, three days before the murder? It is obvious that cardinal omissions were made, perhaps the murder of the missing person Panche would not have been prevented, but the monsters would have been prevented from committing an even more heinous act,” added the opposition high official.

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