Kovachevski: Pendarovski fits the profile of a potential SDSM presidential candidate


SDSM will choose its presidential candidate for the elections scheduled for April 24, 2024 through a defined procedure, the most democratic. The current head of the state, Stevo Pendarovski, absolutely fits into the profile, because he was supported by a coalition that included Albanian parties, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski pointed out, but did not reveal specific names for the SDSM candidate for the next presidential elections.

Asked whether Pendarovski fulfills the conditions he lists, Kovachevski says that Pendarovski’s work so far is just such an example.

“If we analyze his work in the past five years, Stevo Pendarovski absolutely fulfills these values ​​and that’s why he was nominated then. Because President Pendarovski was nominated as a consensual candidate. Let’s not forget that he was supported openly by a coalition that included parties of Albanians,” stressed Kovachevski.

The PM added that the call from his party for a consensual president was not only for DUI and the Alliance for Albanians, but for all parties that share the values ​​that SDSM stands for and said that he will run in the elections, in electoral unit one.


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