Kovachevski: SDSM is considering electoral coalition with DUI and AA


The subject of analysis is whether the SDSM will go to the upcoming parliamentary elections independently with its traditional partners or in a coalition with DUI and the Alliance for Albanians, said Macedonian Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democrats (SDSM) Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview on the “360” political show of the national public broadcaster MRT.

“However, good analyzes should be done in terms of empirical studies of what that would mean. Second, in terms of the alignment of programs, the alignment of values, ​​and third, in terms of the alignment of the staffoffer that would go in such a situation. So, at this moment it is very difficult to give an exact, precise answer about which option would be realistic. However, I do not reject the options, but they must be analyzed,” Kovachevski said.



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