A rare natural heritage is being destroyed, says environmental organization


The Crn Kamen locality is unique in terms of rare minerals in the state, but it is also known for significant cultural remains of a settlement from prehistoric periods. At the moment, archaeological artifacts are also being destroyed, the activists from the “02 Inicijativa” environmental organization said in a press release on Sunday.

After the appeal made by engineer geologist Vasja Dameski from the Committee for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Wealth, to immediately stop the massive blasting near the Crn Kamen site near Prilep, which is being done for the needs of the American-Turkish consortium Bechtel-Enka, which is building the four highway sections of corridors 8 and 10-d for 1.3 billion euros, the “02 Inicijativa” said with a stormy reaction.

They warn that a rare natural heritage is being destroyed, practically an open-air geological museum, because this site contains numerous rare minerals, such as macedonite, which was found here and is found in only one other site in Sweden, then amazonite, titanite, rutile, monazite, arphesonite, antas, quartz, augite, zircon, apatite, etc.

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