Nikolov: Patients with malignant diseases in the Bitola hospital have been without therapy for the third week


The government led by SDSM and DUI and the Ministry of Health not only do not solve the problems of the patients, but also actively work on deepening them, stressed Igor Nikolov from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference on Monday.

“Not only is there no systemic solution for the continuous provision of therapy for patients with malignant diseases, we see that these same characters did not lift a finger for dispersion in the treatment of patients and did not establish conditions with staff and equipment for seven years. And finally, to make the irony even greater, these same characters hold party tribunes for health, such as that of the SDSM in Bitola and Shtip, which are a blatant example of carelessness and not solving problems, but rather creating them. Today we see that the party tribune did not solve the problems of the Oncology patients, so, according to the information we receive from the patients in the Oncology department of this Clinical Hospital, for three weeks in a row there are no: 1. Letrozole pills, which accumulates the number of patients on the list on hold. 2. Furthermore, there is no Oxaliplatin for two weeks now, and for two weeks there is no Zoladex, as well,” noted Nikolov.

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