No electricity price shock if it’s used for basic household needs, says PM


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said Monday that there will be no price shock with electricity if it is used for basic household needs and that those who have the opportunity to use it for more luxurious purposes will pay more.

Pointing out that the price is determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission, the PM pointed out that the first and second tariff blocks cover up to 98 percent of the households in the country and there will be no price change for them.

“The third and fourth blocks are a smaller number of households that have a higher consumption. In the fourth block are those who, according to their income and their capabilities, heat larger rooms. Anyone can do that, but they will pay a higher price for electricity because, let’s not forget, we subsidize it up to 90 percent,” said Kovachevski, asked by the media after the presentation of the new genetics equipment at MANU.

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