Shambevski: Young people want to live in a normal society, without hate speech and calls for lynching


Boris Shambevski, president of the City Committee of the VMRO-DPMNE Union of Youth Forces, said in a UYF podcast that certain portals and people he called extremists must not be allowed to spread hate speech, as well as call for lynching and hanging.

Shambevski added that they not only attacked politicians as public figures, but also attacked families and children, calling for violence against them.

He emphasized that young people want to live in a society where extremists will not be given space to spread hate speech.

“Young people want to live in a normal society where such extremists will not have space in this country to spread their hatred. And we will fight for that and we will not allow more people like this to have space to say this,” Shambevski added.


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