Police Union of Macedonia files criminal complaint against O.S. for failing to comply with a court order


The Police Union of Macedonia submitted a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for serious crime and corruption against the head of the Ministry of Interior O.S., the head of the Bitola police department B.J. and other responsible persons in the Department of Interior Bitola due to a well-founded suspicion that the first defendant committed the crime non-execution of a court verdict provided for and punishable by the Criminal Code, and the second and third defendants committed the crime abuse of official position and authority.
At a press conference in Bitola, the head of the Macedonian police union, Orce Kocevski, announced that the first, second and third defendants, in their capacity as officials or responsible persons in the legal entity, refused to carry out the final and enforceable court decision that they were obliged to carry out, i.e. first , the second and third defendants as officials, i.e. persons in charge of the court decision, did not act according to the final court decision made in the procedure for issuing an order for the protection of rights, thus they knowingly caused material damage to the employee LJ.M.

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