Government is harming citizens and companies with the new increase of electricity prices, the new tax is a new robbery, Miteva says


A new tax for citizens comes from the old well-known minds of the Energy Regulatory Commission. The thinkers from this commission will choose the most bizarre way just to increase the electricity bills of the citizens, with an explanation never seen before, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson and member of the party’s Executive Committee Marija Miteva at a press conference on Wednesday.

“First, they boasted and manipulated the citizens that the cheap tariff will be returned from December 1, although more than 2/3 of the households still do not have such a thing. Then, Bislimovski tried to justify himself, saying that the benefit from the cheap tariff will be from January 1. But we have seen that lie also failed. There will be no benefit even from January 1, because a new tax is being introduced, the so-called “access to the network” of 250 denars per month, which is a blow to students, young married couples who live on rent, farmers who have a house in the countryside and an apartment in the city,” said Miteva.

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