Aggeler: The institutions should look at themselves and ask if they could have saved Vanja


The United States ambassador to Skopje Angela Aggeler in an interview with Kanal 77 Radio directed sharp criticism to the Macedonian institutions for the murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska. She indicated that the institutions were aware that the suspects were criminals – but did not sanction them. The ambassador said that “Vanja paid the price”.
“If I may be honest, as I said earlier today, the system failed to help that young girl. These are criminals who were known to be criminals, to be violent and not in prison. They were not previously arrested and sent to prison. They weren’t arrested and prosecuted for their previous crimes, they didn’t have to pay that price, so a young girl paid the price. Vanja paid the price,” said Ambassador Aggeler.

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