Pendarovski relativizes the position in which the Government has brought the country, claims opposition


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski assessed that President StevoPendarovski’s address on Tuesday in the Parliament was aimless, full of platitudes intended mostly for SDSM where, as he said, they will decide whether or not he will be a candidate for president again next year.

Miloshoski said that Pendarovski relativized the position in which the Government has brought the country.

‘This is a president who, as a politician, said that whoever changes the name will be punished, and then he voted to change the name and the Constitution, promising that European doors would be opened, and today he relativizes the position in which he brought us. The Government, and it is a dead end of commitments that they cannot deliver, “said the opposition MP.

Miloshoski believes that “today’s address of President Pendarovski in Parliament will be his last”.

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