Alliance for Albanians does not rule out a coalition with DUI


Avoiding commenting on his political plans on the eve of the upcoming elections next year, Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti indicated Wednesday that he does not see himself as a politician, but as a doctor.
When asked whether he will form a coalition with DUI, the minister said that Taravari should be the one answering that question.
“I am the Minister of Health for all citizens in RNM, and you will ask the party bodies for the specific question, i.e. respected leader Taravari and my professor and assistant, he will explain everything to you better. I am not saying that I am not a politician, but I would not like to, we are here for healthcare. You know what it means for a patient who can’t get up after that brain infarct to get up and move even with a cane or whatever he’s moving with, that’s a big deal. And this is what I think we should talk about, and for this question, please spare me, I don’t want to talk,” noted Mexhiti.

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