Supreme Court rejects Gruevski’s request for reconsideration of “Vodno Plots” verdict


The Supreme Court has rejected as unfounded the request for reconsideration of the Criminal Court verdict in the case dubbed “Vodno Plots”, submitted by former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
“The Council for Criminal Offenses at the Supreme Court of the Republic of S. Macedonia passed a Judgment with which the request of the convicted N.G. for an extraordinary review of the final judgment of the Basic Criminal Court Skopje KOK No. 63/21 of 21.04.2022 and the judgment of the Appelate Court Skopje KOKŽ No. 127/22 of 14.02.2023, rejected as unfounded.”
Gruevski was first sentenced to seven years in prison for “Vodno Plots”, and this year the Appellate Court changed the sentence and increased his sentence to nine years in prison.

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