Jarevski: Kovachevski should say whether Jakimovski asked him to revoke his credentials in order to build at Alumina


Dimitar Kovachevski should not hide and say whether Stevcho Jakimovski asked him to withdraw his credentials, so that they could lay concrete in Karposh without any hindrance?

Kovachevski to say whether they discussed with Jakimovski how to bypass the Council, and against the will of the Karposh residents to enable the construction of high-rise buildings at Alumina, VMRO-DPMNE MP Toni Jarevski told a press conference on Thursday.

“Does the government have plans for covering Karposh in concrete, from which Pucko Petrol would collect more than 600 million euros? In addition to the plan for Alumina, did Jakimovski present to Kovachevski other projects with potential concretization worth tens of millions of euros?

Stevcho Jakimovski canceled the meeting with Kovachevski yesterday. Apparently, the coalition for building at Alumina is going with full steam.

Neither Kovachevski nor Jakimovski cares that they are turning the greenest municipality of Karposh into a concrete jungle. We urge Kovacevski and Jakimovski not to play with the will of the Karposh residents and not to try to concrete Karposh,” Jarevski said

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