MFA to stop silencing and persecuting its employees, says MDU


The Macedonian Diplomatic Union expresses concern following the allegations made by our member Viktorija Trajkov, that her security certificate has been revoked, and she is also being denied her legally guaranteed right to a diplomatic travel document. The question arises whether these actions are a reaction due to her publicly expressed views towards the leadership of the ministry, said the Macedonian Diplomatic Union (MDU) on Thursday.

The union reminds that such pressures were noted in the past few years for several colleagues in relation to the same problem, that is, public performance outside working hours. MDU believes that the ethical code of the ministry must not limit the right to public expression of opinion, and based on that, disputed Article 17 was challenged before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of N. Macedonia.

Taking into account the above, the MDU requests to reconsider the decision to deny the right to a diplomatic travel document to a diplomat regularly employed in the ministry and also to stop pressures of any kind.

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