The “EU integration or isolation” phrase is pure manipulation, says MANU president


What is the purpose of the persistent repetition: ‘either the EU or isolation’? Perhaps sowing fear and discord? Will the current political elites begin to isolate Macedonia, if the accession negotiations do not begin? The expression ‘either integration in the EU or isolation’ is an empty phrase, a manipulation, said the president of MANU Ljupcho Kocarev in aninterview with the newspaper Nova Makedonija.
The only compromise for a possible change to the Constitution, Kocarev adds, is for Bulgaria to recognize several scientific facts.
“The only compromise for a possible change of the Constitution, even though the request for such a change is pointless and I loudly say “NO” to change the Constitution, would be the first recognition by the Bulgarian side of the following scientific facts: (a) the existence of a part of the Macedonian peo (the Macedonian ethnic minority) in Bulgaria, (b) the Macedonian language has spatial and millennial continuity and is not a Bulgarian dialect and (c) Macedonians and Bulgarians do not have a common history, but only shared places in history. And then, perhaps, a change to the Constitution,” Kocarev explained.

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