Vanja died from a gunshot inflicted wound to the head, shows autopsy


The 14-year-old girl Vanja Gjorchevska was killed by a gunshot from a firearm to the head, according to the autopsy report of the Forensic Medicine, learned from its Forensic Medicine sources.
According to the official data announced by the institutions based on the knowledge and statements of the suspects who confessed their guilt, two hours and 40 minutes passed from the kidnapping to the murder of the girl. has also learned that the surveillance camera footage confirmed part of the statements of the three suspects who admitted their guilt – Velibor Manev, Bore Videvski and Vlatko Keshishev. Footage from surveillance cameras is also being analyzed, and the phone of Aleksandar Gjorchevski, Vanja Gjorchevska’s father, is being analyzed to determine the truth of the statement that Gjorchevki revealed Vanja’s movements to the suspected organizer and perpetrator of the murders, Ljupcho Palevski-Palcho.

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