Alliance for Albanians is the decisive factor for a coalition in the elections, says Mexhiti


Minister of Health Fatmir Mexhiti, who is a member of the central presidency of the Alliance for Albanians party, pointed out that his party is the deciding factor when asked by a journalist about future cooperation for the upcoming elections. He also emphasized that the main direction of cooperation will be progress towards the European Union.

“This is the biggest dilemma right now. I, as a member of the Alliance for Albanians, am happy about the fact that the party is currently a decisive factor and it is constantly expected where it will join, but what I want to emphasize is that we are in favor of progress towards the European Union and membership, that is the main goal of Alliance. It was recommended to us by our European and international friends. I am a doctor and my commitments are primarily in this direction and in relation to the coalition. Maybe the parties should be a more appropriate place to ask questions,” Mexhiti said during his visit to the Tetovo hospital on Monday.



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