Kurir.mk: Gynecology scandal – obstetrician cut off a newborn’s finger


About ten days ago, at the Skopje Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, a newborn’s finger was cut by an obstetrician employed at the Clinic, news website Kurir.mk reported on Tuesday.

The Clinic confirmed the case to Kurir.mk. At the department for newborns at PHI U GAK – Skopje, an unfortunate event happened, when an obstetrician accidentally cut part of the baby’s thumb during the discharge of a newborn. The pediatrician on duty acted professionally and responsibly and a pediatric surgeon was called immediately. The newborn was transferred to the Clinic for Children’s Surgery, where his injury was treated, according to the Clinic.

The obstetrician was suspended and referred to a Disciplinary Commission.

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