VMRO-DPMNE to propose contributions exemption for media workers


VMRO-DPMNE will submit an amendment to the Budget in order to help all media in Macedonia, regardless of their editorial policies, VMRO-DPMNE party leader Hristijan Mickoski said on Wednesday.
The goal is that next year all media workers will be completely exempt from contributions, which amount to a total of 28 percent of the gross salary.
On an annual level, the budgetary implications of this measure to support over 2,000 media workers would be around 10 million euros.
MRTV and MIA, which are financed from the Budget, would be excluded from this solution. The party will insist for them to regularly receive the budget funds.
If the Government does not accept this decision, after VMRO-DPMNE wins the elections, in the first budget review in July 2024, this will be realized by the end of the year, and then it will be valid for every subsequent year.

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