114 people died in 106 traffic accidents in January-November 2023


From the beginning of the year up until November 2023, a total of 106 traffic accidents with fatal consequences occurred on Macedonian roads, in which 114 people lost their lives, informed the president of the Republic Council for Road Traffic Safety (RSBSP), Gordana Kozhuvarovska, at a press briefing.
Kozhuvarovska pointed out that there was a decrease in the number of traffic accidents with fatalities compared to the previous year 2022, in which a total of 109 traffic accidents occurred with 116 fatalities.
“Safety in traffic is imperative for all entities in the field of traffic, but it is also significant for every person because everyone is a participant in traffic in their own way. Unfortunately, we still cannot say that traffic culture and ethics in traffic are at a satisfactory level,” said Kozuvarovska.

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