Government approves hiring 1,117 employees in public health institutions


Permanent employment has been approved for 1,117 people engaged in public health, informed the Macedonian Minister of Health Fatmir Mexhiti at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi on Thursday.

“Investing in healthcare professionals is one of the most important segments for th e future of public healthcare. Key to the creation of health policies is solving the status of doctors, paramedics, technicians, medical and non-medical staff with permanent employment. Today we are deciding the status of 1,117 medical personnel, auxiliary technical personnel, hygienists and drivers, with the decision of the Government opening the possibility of employment for an indefinite period in public health institutions. Funds for approved permanent employment are provided within the framework of public health institutions and the Health Insurance Fund,” said Mexhiti.

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