Monthly expenses for family of four costs up to MKD 56,522


The Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) presented the new methodology of the trade union minimum basket, which will be the basis on which the trade unions from 2024 will advocate for an increase in workers’ wages.

According to the calculation of the professors and former finance ministers who created the new union minimum basket, Nikola Popovski and Dragan Tevdovski, the basic needs of a family of two parents and two children who are students require MKD 56,522 per month.

The structure of the basket, which has not changed since 2011, now has four new items or a total of 11. It was pointed out at the presentation that it is more difficult for families who pay rent, because their union basket is more expensive by MKD 21,324 due to the costs of rent, water, electricity and heating.

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