It has never been worse, electricity price is going up because of the Government’s decision, up to MKD 400 higher bills, says opposition


The price of electricity is going up to MKD 400 because of the Government’s decision. The users of the third block will have to pay MKD 4,120 for an account that until now has been paid 4,000 denars. In addition to that, if they have a house in the countryside, a holiday home, an apartment or a second house, they will pay up to MKD 250 for the network fee, thus the total increase will be up to MKD 400, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

“Citizens who heat their homes with electricity will pay much more. Since SDS has been in power, electricity has become more expensive by 50%. The thesis that they subsidize bills is a lie. With SDS, electricity is getting expensive. It has never been worse. It is important that we defeat them,” the largest opposition party added.

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