Commander Xhaferi will be the first Albanian PM, the UCHK uniform remains monumental, says Ahmeti


In an interview with TV Klan Albania, the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti boasted that Talat Xhaferi will become the first Albanian Prime Minister in Macedonia at the end of January. When asked by the journalist if it was the commander in the UCHK (NLA) Talat Xaferi, Ahmeti replied: Yes, Commander Xhaferi.

The TV show in which he was a guest declared Ahmeti the person of the year.

The TV journalist Blendi Fevziu asked Ahmeti: When will there be an Albanian prime minister? Ahmeti briefly answered that it will happen on January 28.

“Who will be the prime minister?” asked the host. “Talat Xhaferi,” replied Ahmeti. “Commander Talat Xhafferi?” asked the host. “Yes, Commander Xhaferi,” said Ahmeti.


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