Health workers are not informed about the employment procedures and criteria, they are announced pre-election and in a manipulative way, says opposition


Doctors from the Emergency Department are leaving public healthcare due to an unresolved status, there are no basic funds for work, polyclinics with canceled activities are on equipment, these are the effects of the “epoch projects” with which the Minister of Health Fatmir Mexhiti takes photos, said VMRO-DPMNE on Friday.

“Some of the polyclinics, such as those in Drachevo and Shuto Orizari, are on equipment or the specialist services are almost non-existent. To illustrate, the x-ray cabinet is in a basement with moisture and water and without standard insulation. In Chair Polyclinic, the windows in the waiting room of the X-ray department are not working, and also the entrance door of the X-ray in Bucharest has fallen for several years. The fact that there are no specialties in several polyclinics in the afternoon speaks for the complete personnel degradation and lack of measures. But that’s why the manager of the Jane Sandanski polyclinic chases employees when their contract expires, threatens and further demotivates the medical staff,” said the largest opposition party.

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