I have not signed and will not sign a decision to take downs the Popova Shapka cross, says Tetovo Municipality secretary


I have not signed anything for the demolition of the cross in the monastery of St. Naum Ohridski, says Darko Kocevski, secretary in the Municipality of Tetovo, after fake news appeared in the media that the demolition will be done with his signature.

I have neither signed nor have the credentials for such a thing. Even Mayor Kasami does not have such authority, let alone me. Let them open the Law on Inspection Supervision , says Kocevski in a statement for Republika.mk.

He explains that first a warning for demolition is issued to correct the irregularities found on the ground, and the decision to demolish was made by the construction inspector of the municipality of Tetovo. There are about 5,000 such buildings for demolition, who knows when the turn of the cross will come, Kocevski added.



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