Mexhiti: Twelve top projects in the past 12 months


The Macedonian Minister of Health Fatmir Mexhiti shared a congratulatory video message on Sunday for the New 2024, wishing citizens a lot of health, peace and well-being.

In the video address, Mexhiti emphasized that the capacities of the Emergency Medical Aid are being strengthened with the purchase of 22 new ambulances and emphasized that for the first time helicopter transport was made possible for the most urgent cases. Now it will be possible to react quickly when a patient is in danger.

“We raised the salaries of health workers twice. We invest in our valuable staff, they are the pride of public health. For the first time, irregularities in healthcare are being punished! We introduce order in order to work more efficiently. We continue at the same pace in the next year 2024. May we have a happy New Year and Christmas holidays, lots of health, happiness, peace and well-being to everyone,” Mexhiti pointed out.

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