Top people in Air Traffic Control resign due to hiring unprofessional staff


One of the three directors of Macedonian Navigation (M-NAV), and the heads of the department for information and surveillance technologies, the department for surveillance systems, the department for navigation systems, the electrical energy systems and the department for aviation technology Ohrid, have resigned from management positions, dissatisfied with the selection of personnel employed in the technical department.

The professional collegium of aeronautical technology informed the Management Board of M-NAV that the selection of the candidates who were selected hastily in the last announcement announced two weeks ago, for five engineers and two technicians, failed.

After these interviews, they had to conduct an oral interview with each of the candidates, according to the conditions in the advertisement, to select those with the best results for employment in a field on which the safety of air traffic most directly depends.

But the candidates, after seeing the questions, agreed not to answer them.

The professional collegium asked the director Fahrudin Hamidi that these candidates should not be employed without checking their background. However, the announcement was not only not cancelled, but on December 29, it was also learned that the candidates who refused the selection test had actually already been hired.

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