Jordanov visited Shtip’s oldest residents, the Naskov brothers are 206 years old combined


The Mayor of Shtip Municipality Ivan Jordanov, traditionally on the first day of the New Year visited the oldest residents, the brothers Risto and Simeon Naskov, who have a combined age of 206 years.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when you talk to the families of our oldest residents, who tell us about the oldest and wisest residents of Shtip who have gone through many challenges in their lives,” said Mayor Jordanov.

Risto Naskov will be 101 years old in February, he still moves around the yard and garden, but with the help of a cane. His son Dimche Naskov says that elderly Risto is still making plans to dig and produce tomatoes and peppers this year.

His older brother Simeon has been physically inactive since he fell while doing garden work two years ago.

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