Mickoski: I won’t accept secret meetings with Kovachevski, we have nothing to say at such meetings, the caretaker government composition to be unveiled after Epiphany


No, we haven’t had any kind of meeting. And there is no such thing as a public announcement of a secret meeting as the Prime Minister himself said. And I think there is no need for us to meet in any secret meetings. I don’t know about Kovachevski, but I have nothing secret to share with him, said the leader of opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Press24.

“He (Kovachevski) wants to tell his party about things that did not happen, to create false hope for them and thus to create the appearance of some kind of unity, in order to support the party in which there is evident dissatisfaction on several grounds. Those are their matters, but I know that whenever we have a meeting, the public will be informed about it,” stressed Mickoski.

Mickoski added in the interview that the full composition of the caretaker government, the names of the ministers and additional deputy-ministers in the caretaker government, will be unveiled after Epiphany (January 19).

“We are in no hurry on that front. VMRO-DPMNE has a large number of staff who can respond to the required positions. As for the performance of the caretaker government, I think that those governments have so far proven to be weak, filled with conflicts and numerous obstructions,” said the opposition leader.

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